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Friday, August 10, 2007

PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS: PROBLEM, or SOLUTION ? A Sneak Peek into an upcoming interview, with me.

S: First of all, the site looks great. I should mention that (RJ) is the official web and graphic designer for **.com.

RJ: Thanks. I am glad you like it! I like your idea for "not just t&a". There is so much more to a real woman than just her physical attributes.

S: Like being a doctor..and building websites..and sponsoring children...

RJ: I'm not a doctor yet....and don't forget my insane photoshop skills!!!! [laughs]

S: [laughs] How Could I forget, you're a quadruple threat! So why psychiatry? Do you believe people need to be medicated?

RJ: The last thing I will ever be is a drug pusher. There are many people with real illnesses who need drug intervention because talk therapy doesn't cut it. There is something very unconventional about sitting down with a complete stranger for 30 minutes to an hour, who has to read a file each time they see you to remember who you are. Not dismissing talk therapy but....

S: ...but you feel it shouldn't be used as the only means of healing mental illnesses?

RJ: ..not necessarily in 100 percent of cases. The failure rate in any mental illness field is astronomically high. There are..theories..that certain depressive disorders, such as bi-polar disorder originate from a disturbance in the normal chemical composition found in an otherwise healthy brain. You get the naturopaths and spiritual healers, who tell you theory isn't fact, we shouldn't be pushing drugs. Well, Bausch and Lomb just recalled a contact lens solution because it made people go blind. Everything on the market carries with it risks.

S: There are those who will argue that we are guinea pigs for a fairly modern form of healing. What do you say to them?

RJ: Any drug put on the market in the past 20 years is still in it's infancy stage. We don't even know the long term risks of taking multivitamins. We do know that an excessive amount of certain vitamins can have mild to serious ramifications on the body. Then you have religious protests from people of public influence like Tom Cruise who have little to no understanding whatsoever of human chemistry. Not to mention, he doesn't even hold a degree in medicine. I have seen others change completely - for the better - with the intervention of psychiatric medications. There are would-be killers - of themselves, or of innocent members of society - who have been sedated and are continuing to repress violent urges because of medicinal aid.

There are others, that just need a cold hard reality check, and need to take personal responsibility for their lives. They don't need drugs. They need to check their egos at the door. Within a few conversations with a person, and by viewing their various behaviors, its remarkably easy to tell the difference between the two.

S: So would it be fair to say you walk the line of being pro-drug?

RJ: I sit right on the line. Not everyone needs it. But there are those who do. Better to have a band-aid approach then no approach at all. Sedation over violence. Prevention over cure.

S: You seem very passionate on the subject of medicine...

RJ: Its all about helping people. There is no such thing as "crazy". Every human brain is susceptible to every mental illness. No one is invincible. We are products of evolution and of our environment..

S: Speaking of products of environment and helping people, tell us about your sponsor child. What was it like the first time you made that call?

RJ: Elation. A large piece of fulfillment. My daughter, Nyasha, lives in an AIDS torn region in Zimbabwe, Africa. She is healthy, and an absolute delight!

S: Are you planning a visit?

RJ: I have always wanted to see the rainforests in Congo. Africa represents the beginning of life. Every human being should go at least once. With sponsoring Nyasha, I now have even more incentive to go.