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Thursday, April 05, 2007

World Vision & Their Pretty cool idea!

Did you know that World Vision donates a whopping 85 PERCENT of your funds directly to your sponsor child and his or her community?

World Vision publishes reports annually so that its members can see proof of exactly where and how their funds are being used.

You can adopt from many countries where children are in need, if you choose not to select race, country or sex, a child will be randomly selected for you.

Did you know that HIV/AIDS orphans more than 6,000 children every day, and even more children are impacted and left vulnerable from the devastation of the disease? With 35 dollars a month, you not only provide food and shelter for your child, but (also his or her COMMUNITY)! and, you also provide them with sex and health education.


There are other ways to give:

World Vision is known as a reputable organization helping children in need. If you cannot afford to sponsor a child overseas monthly, you can opt for a one time free gift. Gifts can include a goat for milking, fruit, fresh water, and more! Click on the banner to see how you can help starving families in the third world.


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