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Saturday, August 04, 2007

THE GREAT DEBATE - where have all the intelligent minds gone?

I thrive on healthy debates. Most people haven't a clue how to debate without getting pissed off, or using cheap tactics like attempted character assassinations (to try to nullify the opponents entire 'argument' instead of offering an intelligent, calm rebuttal), or name calling/stereotyping when a counterpoint cannot be made. (Because most would rather try to void the opponents argument rather than risk admitting defeat).

In fact, one of the qualities I look for in a man is his ability to own his thoughts, and bring them to the table in a civilized fashion. Its intensely satisfying mind sex.

My way of speaking out is to try, to the best of my ability, to state facts, and truth in a non confrontational, non obtrusive manner.

It's a common misbelief that one has to be arrogant to be outspoken.

The most powerful messages you can send to another are through respectable dialogue.

Where have all the intelligent minds gone?

While most find humor in making masses of people angry in the win of a debate, (and, certainly, to a certain extent, it amuses even me). I, for the most part, find it less than unsatisfying - and, by less than unsatisfying, it's akin to a teenager making love for the first time, and, while in the midst of climax, your bedroom door opens, and there stands your entire family. Can you say, buzzkill?

So what does debate have to do with peace? Everything! Your Presidents do it, scientists do it, countless notable corporations and individual powerhouses do it. The world needs to come together, collectively on world issues, have an open dialogue, WITHOUT throwing out any kind of card, be it race, sex, whatever - just frank, honest discussion, backed by facts and a calm reserve.

Almost every world issue exists in a realm that is neither black nor white. There is a larger grey area that exists as a DIRECT result of individuals who share different viewpoints failing to communicate in not only a mature fashion, but in a manner in which you not only speak, but you are also heard.