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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A while ago I received a chinchilla fur coat as a gift. Soon, I found myself meeting very interesting people, who I was slated to interview for my new and upcoming company.

While doing my independent research on subjects I wasn't well versed on (so I could be prepared for my interview), I read about the horrors of how chinchilla fur is obtained.

Chinchillas are bred in captivity, and slaughtered by electric shock administered in their nether regions. Their fur is then stripped and their carcasses disposed of as if they were trash - all for the purpose of fashion and profit!

I choose to no longer wear fur. Mind you, I am a meat eater - I believe we were born omnivores, and, providing the livestock is killed in a humane fashion, I will eat it, as I believe eating meat is not only natural, it provides nutrients the human body requires - we were born as omnivores for a reason! At least when you wear leather, the rest of the cow is being eaten, and nothing goes to waste. Many animals, though, such as the chinchilla, are not used in the natural food chain, as they are only bred for fur, not for human consumption, and they do NOT exit their lives peacefully.

As a result, I am putting my coat up for auction, as I refuse to sell for profit. All of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to humane societies and no kill shelters.

Can you imagine how many chinchillas were slaughtered JUST to make this coat? (a chinchilla is not much bigger than a rat)!