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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


While I was researching information on several very interesting people for my new company, I came across some very disturbing news about pet stores.


any pets bought from a pet store (such as PJ's Pet Centre) ALL come from private breeders?

The problems with buying pets from private breeders are many. Not only are you spending far more money than you would if you sought out adoption at a shelter or rescue, you are also supporting an industry that purposely breeds queens and bitches for life, only for the sole purpose of a profit.

You have probably heard of the terrible conditions in which bitches reside in what are commonly called 'puppy mills' (and if you haven't, I suggest you google it), many of which suffer most of their lives - cramped together pumping out puppy after puppy until they are too old and no longer needed. The same thing happens with queens (pregnant cats).

You may ask yourself, why not just buy the babies and the mother? Well, it does not quite work that way. Mothers are never allowed for sale, as they are needed to spawn more babies throughout their lifespan, who are then taken away from their mother time and time again- they are basically a 'cash cow', and you cannot buy money like that.

Consider a purebred puppy or kitten, one of which would sell for a couple thousand, then multiply that by a litter, then multiply that by the amount of pregnancies and babies the mother is forced to produce in her lifetime, and, well, you could make quite a decent living off of it.

The problem is, the babies that are not sold, are then taken to shelters, which are overcrowded as it is.

Did you know that a very large part of shelters' finances come directly from donations? There is not enough funding, nor space to provide warmth, cages, food, and medicine to all of the animals in need in any shelter - which is why most shelters, unfortunately, are forced to euthanize (put to sleep) otherwise healthy animals - just to create space.

Every time you buy from a breeder you support this cruel and unnecessary industry, where mothers are bred until they die, and babies are born only to be slaughtered if they don't produce a profit.

Purebred pets are NOT an accessory, they are NOT a symbol of wealth. They are living, breathing, feeling creatures!

PLEASE consider adoption as the sole means of obtaining a furry friend.

You can adopt from rescues, shelters, or from private individuals who can no longer care for their pets and who would otherwise send them to a shelter.

Not only are you not going to pay a HUGE markup on a private breeders' price tag, you also will likely get an animal who has been privately trained by the shelters, spayed, neutered, de-wormed, groomed, and has all shots up to date. In fact, many shelters even offer up to 8 or more FREE at home training sessions, just for your kindness in choosing to adopt the right way. There are also occasions where you may obtain pets for free!


Did you know that you can donate HBC points, and many other points you collect on various purchases?

If you are a cardholder of ANY type of company card that rewards you points per purchase, check out their websites! Donating your points to a humane society/shelter allows the staff the much needed fundage required to purchase bowls, food, grooming utensils, towels for warmth, and more! A little goes a long way, and donating points is AS GOOD AS CASH!